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Ocarinas ~ Handmade Sea Animal Flutes

What sets Forbidden Island Flutes apart from other instruments on the market is the precision with which they are tuned. It is actually quite easy for a novice to make a little flute that creates a sound, but to create one that has accurate pitch with all the notes sounding clearly takes much more skill. This is the essence of our company and what we have tried to create. Not only are the instruments fun and beautiful in design, but they are affordable, and have an endless amount of music that can be played.

For beginners, our flutes are a fantastic introduction to the world of music as they are quite simple. There is no reed or special technique required to make a sound, just blow into it like a whistle and with only 4 playing holes it’s only a matter of memorizing the different combinations of the holes to play thousands of songs.

Experienced musicians also appreciate the quality of our instruments as they have been used in studio recordings and live performances.

We hope you too will have the opportunity to experience “The little flute that plays a thousand songs”


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